How To Extreme Coupon at Walmart

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Want tο learn a qυісk аnd easy way tο coupon? Watch thіѕ video аnd learn hοw I save money wіth coupons without spending hours аnd hours clipping coupons, аnd…

37 comments to How To Extreme Coupon at Walmart

  • Amy Ward

    Okay so if I have a coupon from walgreens for $1.00 Scott tissue (just as
    an example) will Walmart honor that coupon? 

  • yourjudgeandjury

    Problem with extreme couponing is you are actually spending MORE money in
    the long term because you are buying brands and shit you don’t normally
    buy. SUCKERS!

  • Indacia Turner

    How do you get such large quantities like on extreme couponing

  • Kelly Esparza

    It is so unfair because non of this shit works in California. We have
    coupons, but you cannot combine coupons, no stores double coupons on
    certain days, all the tricks that work in other states don’t work here.

  • Abdou

    you cant even a store walmart coupon at walmart in Canada without them
    calling loss prevention and they will beat you

  • Angelik Vale

    I have been trying to save money with coupons and it is a hustle! Walmart
    is the worst place to use them and most of the coupons I find are cleaning
    stuffs, makeup, bath stuffs etc. Never find coupons for real food. Only
    frozen and can food and I can’t have a whole bunch of pizza in my house if
    someone could really teach me how to do it I will appreciate it otherwise I
    am thinking that extreme couponing is just a trick.

  • ThePsychomom

    I just want to say when shopping at ANY store, besides looking at the cost
    per ounce, pay attention to the price on the shelf, in the circular AND at
    the register. Many times I have gotten to the register and things have come
    up at the wrong price. Sure, you might have to wait for the price to be
    verified, but it’s worth it if it’s going to save you money.

  • The preachers wife

    Where do you get produce coupons? I almost everything I buy is with coupons
    but I never see coupons for produce. 

  • Alyn Orihuela

    @Jessica engle just because she only showed one advil doesn’t mean she only
    purchased one, if you were really paying attention to the cashier you would
    have noticed she scanned two not one… Plus the coupon was $3/2 and the
    price for them was 1.84 so it would make scence getting $3 off

  • cen helle

    Coupon at Walmart lol

  • Calaway Minto

    *Make it work for you! Don’t feel the need to keep up with someone else
    stockpile. Do what is best for you and your family! You will be able to
    find places to store it. “If you have it, it will come” and you can bless
    your family and others with the extra time you put into couponing.*

  • Videos .Galore

    I just noticed you checked out with the same lady from a previous video.

  • Cindy Sin

    What sites do you print your coupons from?

  • Jessica engle

    A ha…… as a walmart cashier i noticed when she said that she had the 3
    dollar off two advil she got the two pack at the register and as a cashier
    that works there ik that it does not work that way you would have to buy
    two different things in order for that to work plus didnt you notice the
    cashier had to override that coupon and put it in manually it was the first

  • Christian Gonzalez

    When you get coupons in the newspaper or magazine do you have to look for a
    Walmart section? 

  • HH REY

    They only put out coupons for crap products, processed, GMO, chemical
    products etc.. Basically you are buying crap when you are buying items with
    coupons. It is much more healthy and affordable to buy bulk raw foods,
    dairy, meat. Then cook them yourself. You can limit your portions by using
    a smaller plate when eating a meal. The human body is very efficient. BTW
    Walmart sucks!

  • mastertrolable

    You should have bought a crap load of carrots to make money

  • Ryan Jones

    I enjoy the catfight undertone going on here.

  • Glenda Ruff

    I like saving on real stuff that you can use.

  • Tamara Korreado


  • Omar H

    those same 10 advil at check out are Over 3.00$ now huh. crap

  • MultiSandy84

    That’s what I love about Walmart they actually don’t have a limit per se in
    how many per items you can use. Only that it can be more the 50 for
    transaction. That’s a plus!!

  • MrBabyBitch666

    Just take another Xanax and keep on clipping ladies.

  • Sarah Whitton

    I wish we had coupons here in Australia =(

  • Heather Sidler

    Thanks for your help

  • Nkauj Hmoob Angel

    thank you so much for sharing. people out there will not share what they
    know because they are scared, don’t know why. but thank you sooo much :D
    I’m a total noob and I’ve been thinking about couponing!

  • Jose Rojas

    can you help me find location here in Houston, tx that double there
    coupons. thanks so much :) 

  • NatLuvsZumba

    This is great! Thank you for informing us with the top two things about
    couponing!! I’m glad to say I just started couponing a few wks ago and that
    is my top thing; stock up when they are on sale and i’ll only use my coupon
    when the item is on sale :-) Quick question, there are some coupons that
    say, “Limit one coupon per purchase. Limit 4 of like coupons in same
    shopping trip.” Now how would I use those?? I’m in NJ so not sure if in all
    states its the same rules. I take it as, I can have 4 of the same coupon
    but, cant use them all 4 during the same transaction and would need 4
    separate transactions. Is this correct? Thank you

  • Kathleen Mijango

    Where can I get the Brand Saver ? :) 

  • Sylvia Arroyo

    I need help can you email me …

  • rickyrms21

    this is so good, i didnt know about the two other coupon books, only knew
    about redplum, thanks, btw you are so beautiful 


    i have a question i have a coupon for childrens advil i have 3 coupons 2
    are $3 off one childrens advil and the other is $2 off two childrens advil
    question is can i use all 3 on two childrens advil?

  • Ruby Ochoa

    Teach me how to use coupons at cvs!! I find it so confusing! Lol 

  • Evon Jennings


  • Tarinacuna

    Great video! Very informative!

  • Jessie aguas

    Could u show examples on how to buy multiple items, do you have to do
    separate transactions? I heard in ca is the hardest place to coupon cause
    no one doubles:( I’m very interested in learning more and hope u do more
    videos cause you right not a lot do coup omers want to share there secrets
    and tips.. I would really appreciate it, thanks

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